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We sell, support & repair Windows, Apple, Linux & Android computers, including mobile devices.pc repair

Computer repair services are dispatched from Morgantown, WV to your home or office.  Remote support services are available for any Internet-connected machine. Computer repair is our specialty. We service and maintain computers of every scale; casual home use, gaming, business workstations and servers.

virus removalTekswift provides your first and best line of defense against Malware and Virus infections. We employ a proven combination of technique & technology to keep your machine safe. When viruses strike, we go to action. Where most firms start a scan and walk away, our service includes a comprehensive by-hand inspection of your PC, ensuring removal of more virus remnants than any of our competitors. Prices start at $95.

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computer repairIntegral to our mission is performance-driven technology. It is our belief that your devices should work quickly and efficiently. If you want to extract all available performance from your device, trust us to get it done.

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buy new computersEach new computer is hand-selected for fit, performance, reliability, and warranty. Ask us to find your new machine, and put our recipe to work. We account for your specific needs and budget. And when it comes to brand strength; we buy what we sell.

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save moneyOn occasion we are able to provide discounted/refurbished hardware for sale. All refurbished items are sold as-is with a 30-day operational guarantee. Contact us to discuss inventory.