Tekswift Non-Retainer SLA

For all Tekswift clients who are outside of an active service agreement or are provided services on an hourly basis. Please reference your individual service agreement(s) for the most pertinent SLA terms, as they will supersede any defined here.

Response Time
All service requests are answered in the order received and undergo triage assessment. Our typical response time for non-retainer requests is within 1 business hour maximum. We define “response time” as the time allowed between your request and receipt of a meaningful response. Service response times vary for non-retainer clients, but are generally provided within 24 hours from receipt of meaningful response. Retainer clients receive priority versus non-retainer clients when assigned to a work queue.

Support Request Requirements
In order to receive support from Tekswift, your request must be received via the following medium (any individual option is acceptable):

-By telephone
-Via email

Service requests sent to any email address at Tekswift other than support@tekswift.com are subject to delays and/or assessments for required documentation efforts. Requests communicated over mediums not specifically indicated here do not qualify for any SLA.

Service Guarantee
Tekswift guarantees the quality and effectiveness of our repairs for 30 calendar days from the date of your repair. If your issue re-occurs during this time we will dispatch a tech free of cost, to investigate and remedy the matter, so long as the following conditions are met:

-Your invoice for the repair has been paid in-full.
-The device or software is the exact item which received the service.
-Your device (hardware) has not received any material changes to software or hardware configurations, wherein such changes affect the fitness of said repair. Tekswift reserves the right to make this determination.
-Your tech determines warranty repair is within the scope of original service.