IT's About Time

For too long, business owners have struggled with DIY repairs, and interpreting tech-babble from IT providers.

We are different. At Tekswift we truly believe it's time your technology provider speak your language, and own your challenges. But most of all, it's about your time. Our skills and services save you time in explaining tech issues, and drastically reduce downtime. Tekswift is your ultimate IT support solution.

We elevate your technology support above the reactionary nature of tech issues, providing your business with proactive support and guidance. And when computer gremlins appear, (as they do) we respond swiftly and accurately.

Our core services are designed to cover technology gaps missed by competitors, ensuring your critical technology needs live under one roof.

Tekswift: IT's about time.

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Techs That Get I.T.

Technology can be...frustrating. We’re dependent on it for our day to day lives, so when it doesn’t work, we can’t. You can’t afford the downtime, you need someone in your corner to take care of the problems that arise, and to protect you from future issues. That’s where we come in.

Tekswift is your ultimate IT support solution.
We help you get above the reactionary nature of tech issues and provide you proactive support. But when things come up (as they always do) we’re right there to help with relatable IT support.

We reject the idea of “geeks” because it makes it seem like we don't understand you. Fortunately, that's not at all the case. We are a business-focused IT company. Because of this, we know how to communicate effectively in both business and technology spaces. We own the challenges you face, and pride ourselves on communicating in your language; bridging English and tech jargon.

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Our Mission

Provide small businesses and individuals with world-class technology support that is proactive, reliable, and personal.

Our Vision

Identify, solve and prevent technology issues before they cause downtime, allowing our clients the freedom to focus entirely on their goals.

Tech Support in Charleston, South Carolina & Morgantown, West Virginia.

Tekswift's customer service is unparalleled. Our clients receive tech support from anywhere in the world. We provide services for clients in Charleston South Carolina, and Morgantown Virginia. Want to know which services are available in your area? Check our service map.