Tekswift is the best IT company I have interacted with by far. For starters, they diagnosed my old laptop and when it turned out it couldn't be saved, helped me to select a brand new machine and transferred all of my data for a great price that saved me a ton.

As I am a first time business owner (I own a marketing consultancy), I began using Tekswift for other needs, such as web hosting and troubleshooting with my website. I cannot tell you how valuable their help has been- Rob is super responsive and provides great customer service.

Not only is he able to break down complex issues for me to easily understand, he also provides services at an affordable cost with great turnaround times, I recommend Tekswift to anyone looking for a partner in navigating the vast IT desert, with the help of very experienced and easy to work with techs.

Sunny Dublick, ‎Independent Strategic Marketing Professional