Website Performance Tuneup

Website performance is essential to your brand image and conversion rate. Slow websites present higher costs for server resources, produce lower search results, and increase overhead by way of lost revenue.

Whether you are a blogger, an artist or SMB, the first impression of your site is critical when converting visitors to customers. Your site may be pretty to look at, but it probably needs a website performance tuneup.

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How fast should a website load?

Website Performance Tuneup | Tekswift

Slow Websites Cost More Than You Think.

Data from Google, Amazon and other authorities

shows that sites with load times in excess of 3 seconds lead to high bounce rates. These bounce rates record the percentage of visitors who leave a site before it has completely loaded on screen. Lowering bounce rates has a measurable effect in conversion and time-on-site (purchases, additional browsing).

Is website performance different from SEO?

In earlier years, site performance and SEO weren't related. However, as of 2014, Google has included site performance (especially on mobile devices) within the weight of a site's ranking. If your site hasn't been optimized for mobile devices, you're missing out on at least 60% more traffic, and higher search rankings.

Does Tekswift offer SEO services?

We are currently developing our SEO packages (providing even greater results) for availability in 2017. In the meantime, services provided within our Website Performance Tuneup will enhance your search rankings. If you would like to join our SEO BETA program, please click here.

Better performance means higher return.

Higher performing websites generate more visits and better click rates. There are many facets to improving your site speed and SEO, as such we recommend websites employ both performance and SEO to achieve the best results. The example below highlights the importance of load speeds.


Website Performance Tuneup Pricing

The rules governing speed and quality are ever-evolving. Sites will benefit from single-use optimization, while the best results are obtained through monthly monitoring and enhancements.

Baseline Tuneup


Element Assessment 
Page Formatting 
HTTP Compression 
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Enhanced Tuneup Most Effective


All Baseline Features 
Image Optimization 
Code Minification 
Content Expiration 
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Performance Monitoring

$63 Per Month

Monthly Monitoring 
Requires Tuneup 
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