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Tekswift offers service unlike many others. We give our clients a concierge experience by providing door-to-door service. Having trouble with your home or office devices? We'll pick up, fix (on our bench) and return your device to you at no extra cost! Our service model is specifically designed to place more support where it is most needed; live on your screen, or within your environment.

Since early 2009, the specialties of Tekswift have operated by the guidance and vision of our founder Rob Barbato. The evolution of our brand brought forth Easy Computer just after the turn of the century. We then grew into Infineon Incorporated, a West Virginia Incorporated company. For six years, Infineon operated out of its brick an mortar location before the birth of Tekswift. Our offerings expanded to imbue more value in remote and Web-based services and technologies, with specific focus on mobility.

Evolution in the IT landscape made clear that as technology matures, more services are moved to the cloud. As a result, Tekswift delivers more connected services for homes and businesses than ever before.

Onsite repair is available for clients who prefer their devices remain on-premise.


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