DataGuard Cloud Backup

Secure Data Backup

DataGuard is an affordable cloud backup service that features live support, hybrid, and cloud storage options.

Our solution encrypts and securely transmits data to our redundant backup data centers. DataGuard is designed to supplement virtually all existing backup strategies, regardless of brand and is 100% based in the USA.

5GB - Light


~500 Photos
Millions of documents
90+ Minutes HD Video
No Throttling
Live Support
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25GB - Casual


~2,000 Photos
Millions of Documents
~6hrs of HD Video
No Throttling
Live Support
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250GB - Home & Small Office Most Popular


10k Photos
Virtually Unlimited Documents
~60hrs of HD Video
No Throttling
Live Support
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1TB+ Business Server

From $159

Scalable Size
Real-Time Backup Available
SQL Backup
HIPAA Compliant
Live Support
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All prices are per month, and require a 1 year agreement. We support all modern Windows platforms, with support for Linux & Mac upcoming.

Additional Data Services


Drive & Data Cloning

Drive Data Cloning Tekswift morgantown WV charleston sc waynesburg pa brick nj

Up to 4 copies for $59. Shipping & drives extra.
We clone sheep, so long as they're digital, but the idea is the same. Data duplication is a fancy way of saying Help! My drive is running out of space! We utilize professional-grade hardware to ensure your data is moved without missing a single bit of data. Our drive cloning services are also useful for business environments. Offices upgrading several new machines shouldn't waste time installing apps on each machine individually. Data jobs which some competitors require weeks to complete, Tekswift duplicates within days. We procure, build, clone, package and deliver new machines to business saving clients hundreds in costs.

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File Recovery

data recovery morgantown wv charleston sc waynesburg pa brick nj

When files are accidentally (or intentionally) deleted, time is critical. As time passes, chances for recovery are greatly reduced. Call us now to schedule your recovery. Recovery options range from basic to forensic data recovery. While we utilize the most modern technologies available, no method is 100% effective. As a result, billing is based on successful data recovery. Our number is 866-433-6523.

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Data Destruction

data destruction morgantown wv charleston sc waynesburg pa brick nj

If you're thinking about a new PC or if your old machine won't boot up, it's time to think about what you'll do with the old data. Throwing out old hard drives and discs is as effective as broadcasting your sensitive info to the Internet. Identity theft accounted for losses of $15 billion from 13.1 million U.S. consumers in 2015 alone. The risks aren't worth chancing. Your data must be discreetly and securely destroyed. Tekswift securely and completely erases old data, ensuring protection from virtually any theft. We employ DoD 5220.22-M standards for data erasure, in addition to physical destruction of retired hardware.

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