Service Guarantee

Tekswift guarantees the quality and effectiveness of our repairs for 30 calendar days from the date of your repair. If your issue re-occurs during this time we will dispatch free of cost, a technician to investigate and remedy the matter, so long as the following conditions are met:

  • Your invoice for the repair has been paid in-full
  • The device or software is the exact item which received the service
  • Your device has not received any material changes to software or hardware configurations, wherein such changes affect the fitness of said repair
  • Your tech determines warranty repair is within the scope of original service

Tekswift reserves all rights of arbitration regarding our Service Guarantee.

Non-Retainer Terms & SLA

This section defines the service terms for all Tekswift clients who are outside of an active service agreement or are provided services on an hourly basis. Please reference your individual service agreement(s) for the most pertinent terms, as they supersede any defined here.

Response Time
All service requests undergo triage, and are answered in the order received. Our typical response time for non-retainer requests is within 1 business day. We define “response time” as the time allowed between your request and receipt of a meaningful response.

Emergency & Priority Service
Non-retainer clients may request emergency or priority services to receive an expedited response. Such requests will also be placed into triage, albeit with a priority status. Clients may indicate their desire for priority status by using any of the following words in their request for service: emergency, urgent, critical. If a request for priority service is ambiguous, a representative will reach the requester for clarification. It is our sole discretion as to whether emergency/priority service is warranted, including all applicable priority service fees.

General Payment Terms
All rendered services are due upon receipt. We allow a maximum grace period of NET15 for all non-retainer, ‘a la carte’ invoices. When shown on your invoice, an early payment discount may apply to your services if paid before the NET15 deadline. Any such discounts become null and void if full remittance is not received within 15 BUSINESS DAYS from the date of issue. Discount forfeiture does not apply to service subscription discounts when such subscriptions are in good standing, as provided by your Master Services Agreement terms.

Cash Discounts
All invoices are presented with a Cash Discount. Remuneration not made entirely via cash payment will not be eligible for Cash Discount. For general or compliance concerns related to this policy, please reference this document.

Late Payments, Non-Payment & Chargebacks
Received payments are applied based on their postmarked date. In accordance with our general Payment Terms, late payments are applied to all invoices which have aged 15 BUSINESS DAYS in addition to the initial NET15 grace period. In other words, all invoices with an aging period of NET30 will be assessed late fees. As of January 1, 2020 our Late Payment schedule is: $25 for partial or non-payment, $45 NSF (returned check fee), $45 plus 6% invoice total for all chargebacks. Partial or non-payment fees are accrued each calendar month the invoice remains unsatisfied. Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fees are assessed for each failure of the payment method and accrued partial or non-payment fees. Chargebacks are assessed a $45 fee in addition to a 6% penalty, forfeiture of any discounts, and accrual of partial or non-payment fees.

Support Request Requirements
In order to receive support from Tekswift, your request must be received via the following medium (any individual option is acceptable):

Service requests sent to any email address at Tekswift other than are subject to delay and/or assessment for required documentation efforts. Requests communicated over mediums not specifically indicated here do not qualify for any SLA.


These terms were last updated on December 1, 2019.