Rob embarked upon what has been a decades-long journey in business and technology at the young age of twelve. In fact, the first computer Rob owned was a gift; a partially assembled, complex system. The terms of the gift were simple: In order to use the machine, he'd have to teach himself how to diagnose and repair the unit. So began Rob's career in tech.

Having strong mentors in both arenas, Rob was at no shortage of knowledge. As his skills grew, anything with a circuit board met a disassembled state, much to the chagrin of his mother.  However Rob was persistent; honing his skills, whittling what was a hobby, into a craft, and later a profession.

Rob now orchestrates his businesses in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. With wide-spread resources in the USA and abroad, Rob dispenses his unique talent and hunger for knowledge to countless businesses and persons in nearly any domain.


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