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As a professional tech but also a consumer, I rely on the skill and temperament of professionals, particularly those who are responsible for my health and mobility. As such, I know there is much implicit trust involved as we tepidly and with white-knuckles hand over our possessions. Exacerbating this scenario is a lack of time to research your new service provider. Tekswift abides by the tenets below, but ensure whomever you choose does the same.


So let’s dive in and explore what separates the Professional from Faux’fessional.


The first step to finding someone who provides services effectively and efficiently is by identifying where they excel. Hygienists and dentists work side-by-side, but employing a DMD for routine cleaning is overkill. Conversely hygienists may be a bit less comfortable performing bridge work. Make sure your candidates are suited for the task. A stand-up pro will let you know if their skills are within scope of the problem.


This facet is indispensable. The confidence to navigate a solution in the roughest waters is a quality of a professional with savvy, patience and creativity. This of course is no slight against those who are taking their first steps in the craft. There are obvious benefits where varying experience is a comfortable variable.


Following the ‘holy triangle’ rule, as a consumer you have three options: Good, Fast, Cheap… Pick two.

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Good, Fast, Cheap: Pick Two

Budgets are important and equally-so is their footing in reality. We all want champagne service on a beer budget, myself included. It is imperative to know this ideology comes at the cost of time. Don’t have time to spend? -Be prepared to part with quality or cash in exchange for expediency.

So where it applies to your technician, you’ll want to ask: How much? How soon? 



Did you notice something missing in the last line of questions? It wasn’t accidental. Of course you can ask anyone how good they are at a given task. Sometimes you’ll get an honest answer, but moreover the reply will reflect more perception and less reality. Ask your tech for references. And don’t stop there. If appropriate, contact their references. It pays dividends in time and frustration saved.

Progress Tracking

Ask your tech if they offer a means to track your repair. While a bonafide ticketing system is optimal, a tech who at the least will keep in touch via telephone is a sign of accountability and honesty.

Sensitive Data Handling

Too often this is a consideration that occurs after you’ve handed over your item(s), or not at all. Ask your candidate up-front how they handle your personal data. Bear in-mind that top-tier technicians should handle the preservation and destruction (when requested) of your data in accordance with local and federal law.

Formatting is a Last Resort

Without getting buried in the details, your tech should never offer this option without first making an incisive diagnosis of your troubles. If formatting your machine is suggested, you should demand sound reasoning as to why. If you’re not satisfied with the explanation in lay terms, get a second opinion.


The single most important aspect of your exchange is the backing of your repair. Simply ask if your candidate offers any guarantee. This question will help eliminate a sizable number of repair firms. For the remaining options, carefully weigh the details of their guarantee.


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