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FAST Android File Transfers

Selfies, HD & 4K video, saved Snaps and of course, everyday photos. Your phone's storage dutifully accepts and retains torrents of incoming data for a lifetime (on average about 21.7 months). And while options abound for offloading your phone's data, they aren't all equal. Continue reading to find out how you can enjoy fast Android…
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GSE: A Program You Need To Know About

As you know, we enjoy sharing tips to keep you safe when working with technology but today we want to share something a little different and very special. We want to bring your attention to a pioneering program, The West Virginia Governor's School for Entrepreneurship (GSE for short) which sponsors youth entrepreneurship within the state;…
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How To Spot Phishing Scams

Before you open that attachment, think or you may fall prey to a phishing scam.     'But what does "phishing" even mean?' Phishing (also known as "spoofing") is analogous to real-life fishing, only the bait is usually an email attachment, and you are the fish. It is for this reason, today's entry is designed to…
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Footprints In Digital Sand

We are going on a limb here and assuming nearly everyone has read Footprints in the Sand, a poem by Unknown Author. If you are among the knowing, skip past the link. Footprints In The Sand As Web travelers, expect that one set of footprints in our digital sand means our identity is safe. Particularly worrisome is…
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Closed Doors = Opportunity

You have been told for so long, an open door means opportunity. But once you check the record, it becomes evident that is not always the case. In fact, the value of capitalizing on closed doors can be far more lucrative. Don't blame yourself if this sounds confusing. After all, this ideology is the antithetical of what we accept…
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